My Review Of Boost My Online Biz After 49 Days

Name: Boost My Online Biz
Price:  $39.95 per month
Owner: Morgan Hale
Overall Rank: 92 out of 100
Who it’s for: Anyone who needs leads


Would it surprise all of you to learn that not every review you read on the internet is written by someone who has actually used the product or program that they are talking about? The fact of the matter is that a good number of reviews are done to simply gain referrals, or to discredit one program in favor of another. The things that usually makes these types of things stand out is the vague mention of numbers or the paragraph that implores you to try another program that is so much better than the one being reviewed.


I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, but I have read more than my fair share of the years, and have been disappointed more than I care to remember. I have seen many of these types of reviews start to show up for a program called Boost My Online Biz (BMOB), and I am not sure that any of them have given a true representation of the type of personal experience that I have had since starting to use it. This is why I wanted to take a moment to share my experience during my first 49 days there. I will finish up this piece by talking about the actual stats I received, as well as the money I have earned. I think that what you will see is that I did not become fabulously wealthy over that period of time, but that I certainly found a program that delivers a whole lot better than most others of its kind.

What Is Boost My Online Biz ?

Boost My Online Biz is a program that delivers high quality leads to its members on a daily basis, but that is where the similarity to other such lead generation programs ends. The way in which BMOB gathers the leads that it sends out is truly unique, and I believe it is what makes it work where others fail. I will tell you now, though, that if you believe you can put in a small amount of effort with this system, you are going to be wasting your money. I’ll explain more about that in a little while, but first let’s talk about what Boost My Online Biz is and how it works.

Once you have signed up and paid your membership fees ($39.95 per month), you will have 80 fresh leads delivered into your back office every 24 hours. It is worth noting that all of the leads were collected via campaigns run through Google Adwords, Facebook pay-per-click, Yahoo/Bing Microsoft ppc advertising, banner ads, solo ads, safe-list advertising, and traffic exchanges and that they are all unique to you. The big question you probably have at this point is likely in regards to how these people are found in the first place.

Morgan Hale and her team of marketers spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours online in order to track down people who express an interest in home business and other opportunities. Each of the people are then allocated to each BMOB member accordingly. This process eliminates all of the tire kickers who do nothing but drain your time and energy for zero returns.


My Personal Experience

Before I get into my experience, I want to explain that there is one element of the program that I have not tested yet, which will be reflected in the numbers that I post later in this piece. There is an affiliate program with Boost My Online Biz , and when you refer just 1 person, your daily leads double from 80 to 160 and you are also paid $5 on that referral. My way of thinking was that I didn’t want to waste time promoting a program that I wasn’t even sure would deliver the goods. That is something I will be looking to rectify as I move forward with BMOB.

I could also have been a little more choosy with the people that I chose to mail out to, but I thought it would be interesting to see what happened if I just created a message to send to each of the 80 people I received each day. This is why I actually think the numbers I managed can actually be improved on, as there is enough information provided with each lead to help you choose the ones you believe will fit your target audience.

As part of your membership with Boost My Online Biz , you receive a proprietary mailer that you can use to contact your leads every 24 hours. Simply drop in the people you want to contact from either your lead # allotment or by ad source, create your message, hit send, and reach everyone in a matter of minutes. You can also utilize their “perfect timing” feature that is very similar to what Get Response offers…namely your email is sent when they are most likely to be opened – awesome! and works perfectly. That is what I did every day for 49 days, promoting a product that earns me $34.95 with every sale. What I believe is that while the product is important, it’s how you sell it that counts. I tweak my message regularly if I see the numbers start to dip from what I am used to. All of that said, here is a sample of my personal stats after mailing my leads this morning (day 49) less than 7 hours ago…

Mailed To – 3920
Views – 348
Percentage Viewed – 8.88%
Clicks – 74
Clicks To Viewed – 21.26%
Clicks To Mailed – 1.89%
Paid Sales – 3 Sales
Price Point – $34.95 

Again, you could do better, or you could do worse, but I should say that the percentages have stayed pretty steady for me throughout. I imagine that they will do the same when I land that first referral, but I also know that my chances of increasing sales will likely improve.
As I said at the start, I am not getting rich quick, but I am building a solid mailing list, and have a number of other leads at various stages of the sales funnel. The results that I am receiving are well worth the less than $40 that I pay to be part of Boost My Online Biz.


Brendan Marsh
Web Traffic Warrior