Global Ad Share Review: Does It Even Work?

Product Name: GlobalAdShare
Product Owner: Amir & Admin
Cost: Free to join, upgrade for $15/month
My Rank: 41/100


global ad share




Making money online can be a bit of a chore that requires you to put in endless hours of work. If you are looking for a guaranteed way to create an online income whilst also advertising your product or service, then you need to take a look at what GlobalAdShare has to offer. Everyone who takes part here can make money, although it does take time to really build up your bank. The good news is that you don’t need to commit a lot of time to make the system work for you.

How You Make Money with GlobalAdShare


One of the great things about this program is that you really don’t need a whole lot of money to get started and get into profit. The whole system works with AdPack purchases, which are available in a number of different sizes and price points. Every AdPack that you purchase matures by 150% over a short period of time. Simply start put by purchasing a $5 AdPack each day, safe in the knowledge that your earnings will go into your bank one that pack has matured. Once you start building your bank, you can then move up to the $10 AdPacks, which will return you $15 at maturity. You are free to withdraw the money in your bank at any time, but the ability to buy larger AdPacks means the ability to earn at a much faster rate.

Pros and cons comparison on hand


GlobalAdShare: The Pros and the Cons

While I generally like most of the aspects of this program, there are certainly a couple of things that are a little frustrating. This is true of any good program out there, so always be wary of reviews that are 100% positive, as this is seldom the case. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of GlobalAdShare:


– It only takes a very small investment to get started. You can get your first AdPack for just $5, which will result in $7.50 landing in your bank when the Pack matures. The more AdPacks you purchase, the more money you make.

– There is no need to waste your time looking for referrals, as they are not required in order for you to earn.

– You are guaranteed to make money in a way that is 100% legal.

– Any money that you earn at GlobalAdShare can be transferred to your PayPal account. Payments are instantly transferred, so there is no need to sit around waiting for your money to arrive. If you prefer Payza as a payment option, you can use that method.

– GAS has built a solid reputation, thanks in large part to their having never missed a payment, as well as their excellent customer service. Any and all member questions are answered in a timely fashion.


– The only real con that I see that might present an issue for some people is that GAS requires you to leave 25% of your earnings in the system. While this may seem like a real con, it’s worth noting that this policy is what helps make the whole system sustainable over the long haul. It’s not as if you are losing that money, as the funds left in your account can still be used to purchase more AdPacks.

– There is a daily spending cap of $107, which is there to again keep the whole program sustainable, which is what we all want.

Advertising with GlobalAdShare

The way in which GAS stays as a legal system is by providing a service for the money that you spend within the program. It is from the purchase of AdPacks that the revenue you earn is derived from. Every pack that you purchase will guarantee you a return of at least 150%. These purchases not only make you money, they also allow you to advertise your product or services, with clicks and visitors once again guaranteed. This is a totally unique system that is incredibly easy to use. If you have never been part of a cycler or some other advertising program, there is no need to worry, as you can simply jump right in and start earning money right away, and all without having to learn some complex system.

Who Will Benefit From Using GlobalAdShare?

Honestly, I really can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t get something out of this program. It’s a perfect system for people who want to make money online, but who simply don’t have a lot of money to get started. As I mentioned before, you can get in on this program for just $5, with that investment quickly turning into $7.50. All you need to do is continue investing your earnings back into the program by purchasing bigger and better AdPacks. The more you put into this one, the more you get out, GUARANTEED!!

This is also a good program for people who want a place when they can place their ads to get guaranteed views. Even if you didn’t make a single sale, which is unlikely, you will still be in profit from every single ad that you place. How does it get any better than that?

In Conclusion

If you believe that you have seen a program like GlobalAdShare before, allow me to assure you that you haven’t. This is a truly unique system that rolls a cycler sharing system, a matrix system, and a revenue sharing system into one neat little package. There is nothing complicated about how the program works, so you won’t have to waste time reading tutorials trying to figure everything out. GAS have paid me already, and the one question that I had for customer service was answered quickly and perfectly addressed my query. This is not a get rich quick program, but it is one where you can quickly build your online revenues without a large commitment of time or money.


Brendan Marsh
Web Traffic Warrior



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