8 thoughts on “My Lead Gen Secret Review From A Non-Affiliate

  1. Hey, Brendan!

    In the beginning, I thought that Myleadgensecret may not be legit, but the ton of positive YouTube reviews plus your review of the program has changed my mind.. It looks as though it offers a lot of really great perks.

    P.S. I just signed up under you, Username: webbasedmarketing

    You should see me in your downline view

    Cheers! Greg.


    • Hi Greg,

      Yes I see you in my downline my friend 🙂

      It’s nice to have you aboard so thanks for that. The MLGS community has grown pretty fast and I think their intention is in helping the new inexperienced marketer out. How they value their program can be based on many things. If you compare a college or university course that runs for 6 weeks for $1,500 dollars, both programs seem like a steal, upsells or not. But My Lead Gen Secret has this sort of, give and you will receive, attitude.

      It’s embedded in their community and within it’s owner, Jim Harmon. I was just reading a an article on MLGS discussing how they have kept the price of there membership rock bottom low because they know that many new internet marketers who are just learning the ropes, don’t always have the funds that it would take to pay for a pricey training course for internet marketing and advertising online.

      They want their services to be accessible to everyone. My Lead Gen Secret calls their company the one-stop-shop for advertising on the net and it’s an extremely cool concept. A top notch education for less than college books for one semester. MLGS works and is a no brainer if you want to grow an online business, make money and travel, work from home, etc. Thanks for your input Greg and take care.



  2. Hi Brendan Marsh,
    Thank you for your honest review of My Lead gen secret, it is very informative and helpful.


  3. Hi Brendan my name is Kevin Low and I signed up under you in lead gen secret three weeks ago and you should be able to see me inside your mlgs downline. I was “initially” skeptical about this as if something seems too good to be true it usually is. Hype aside I have enrolled 8 people promoting the mlgs system to the leads themselves plus two clickbank sales with one person taking two additional upsells. The leads seem to prefer the mlgs opportunity over other offers but I’m going to continue to test different offers and different price points and assess. If there is any other tips or strategies you could share I would appreciate as afterall, you do benefit from the mlgs signups I bring in as they will appear under your second level – Thanks


    • Its great to hear from you and nicely done on the sales. One very nice perk of mlgs is being able to benefit from the hard work of the people you enroll under you.

      As far as tips that I’ve learned that you can benefit from to maximize your MLGS results, I recommend adding a profile picture inside your mailings so that your readers will be able to put a face to all the messages they receive from you, and also to provide one or two ways for your leads to reach out to you personally if they so choose.

      You could insert your personal email address or Skype even. Getting your leads onto Skype will be of great value as you can text them, call them, or even schedule conference calls with one or more people at a time. Try experimenting with those strategies and I am sure your results will continue to get even better results.


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